Handmade fresco textures from manufacturer of wallpapers and frescoes.

VEROL company is a major Russian manufacturer of wall decoration products goods. Our company having started business in 2008 and today we are holding one of the leading position in the market for the production of wallpaper glue with the VEROL trademark. We produce photo wallpapers, handmade textured frescoes, murals, wallpaper glue, vinyl stickers, posters, modular pictures, and much more.

In 2015 year, a new direction has emerged which is available to the wholesale customer — the production of fresco textures for printing. We created five exclusive self-produced fresco textures and developed a unique composition that doesn't allow textures to be crumbled. It allows them to be stored in a roll for a long time and withstand repeated folding and unfolding of the canvas, heating during printing, and other overloads. The innovative handmade textures are the individual developments of VEROL. Textures consisting of natural elastic marble plaster are made by craftsmen manually, using various techniques for applying the composition to a non-woven fabric. The frescoes can be printed with latex, eco-solvent UV-curable inks, which make it possible to use our canvases in factories equipped with various equipment to create high-quality frescoes.
Why do wholesale buyers choose us?
Working with the manufacturer directly ensures optimal prices and product quality control;
We produce handmade products on a wholesale scale;
Reliable business reputation of the company, confirmed by long-term partners and numerous reviews of the customers;
The promptness of order fulfillment gives a competitive advantage in the modern rhythm of doing business;
Guarantees directly from the manufacturer give reliability and peace of mind to our customers;
Constant growth, improvement of materials, and updating of products allow the company to be one step ahead in the market of building materials and decoration products.

Our handmade seamless fresco textures:

This is a texture imitating a wild stone rock. This is a very graphic texture with a deep, pronounced relief. It easily hides all the imperfections and irregularities of the wall. Volumetric protruding pieces of plaster don’t crumble.
This is the densest type of fresco texture with a uniformly rough surface. It can be called a universal material since all subjects of images will look equally good on it. Printing on this texture creates the effect of painting on an old plastered wall.
A complex texture with a pronounced relief that resembles the pieces of bubbling foam. Images on this texture acquire a deep and unique style. The texture helps to hide the small irregularities of the walls.
A texture with a decorative effect that reminds characteristic brushstrokes with a stiff brush. The chaotic lines of strokes create the illusion of painting.
A texture looks like ripples on the water, with a soft, not high relief. A dense layer of plaster doesn't peel off and does not crack. It is great for printing any images and gives them depth and volume.
A minimalistic discreet texture with a smooth, matte, velvety to the touch surface. Having a high density, it will easily hide small irregularities of the walls. Due to its excellent color reproduction, Romano perfectly keeps both all the brightness of shades and the depth of black color, as well as the smoothness of color transitions and the tenderness of pastel shades. A lack of relief allows to make the maximum emphasis on the selected image.
Romano Brilliant
Luxury and simplicity are presented in one texture. Smooth, like a cashmere to the touch surface has a subtle satin shine. The features of its creation fill images with the inner light, while maintaining the natural color rendering and the straightness of lines. Romano Brilliant not only hides irregularities of the surface, but also makes the wall a real jewel of the interior.
All products of our company are certified and undergo strict quality control.
All company textures are tested on:
Color rendering correctness
Advantages of our fresco textures and photo wallpaper textures:
elief uniformity over the entire width and length of the material. The relief of the material allows printing in BiDirectional mode;
frescoes are resistant to high humidity (they can be used in the bathroom with  varnishing);
pliability of the material: the special composition of marble elastic plaster allows the material to be stored rolled up for a long time. The material has practically no memory effect, so that after unrolling it does not crack or split and it is easily installed in printing equipment;
excellent masking of wall irregularities (small cracks, chips, scratches, etc. up to 2 mm), providing visual alignment of the walls;
the material allows further processing with special compounds (glazing, patination, application of glossy or matte acrylic varnishes);
the material does not absorb odors; simple installation and dismantling of frescoes;
long service life of the material without a loss of colour: the material does not affect the ink burn-out period declared by ink manufacturer (depending on the type of ink used in printing);
breathable and environmentally friendly materials (can be used in children's rooms).

Printing on seamless fresco canvases.

Fresco canvases don’t require any additional processing. They are completely ready for printing. The coverage and relief height of the frescoes work well with latex, eco-solvent, and UV-curable inks and allow printing in both UniDirectional and BiDirectional modes; images are reproduced with correct colors and fine details (depending on texture) are reproduced clearly.
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